I'm Andrew.

I'm a polymath and autodidact with broad interests. I find that there is interesting detail almost anywhere you care to look, and that breadth of experience is greatly rewarded in both joy and an enriched perspective.

I believe in love, humanism, social mutualism, and optimism.

I think that our species is capable of a saner system of resource and labour distribution, leaving us all more free to pursue the interesting stuff: learning, playing and creating.

I think that ideological polarization and the resulting empathy gap is one of the most insidious challenges of our time.

I love languages. I speak fantastic English, decent Spanish and Afrikaans, mediocre German, and terrible Chinese and Zulu.

I write all sorts of things.

I develop software, emphasising the web space.

I wrote several single-player, pencil-and-paper, print-and-play tabletop games.

I wrote Defetter, which is a self-help guide for information addiction.

I wrote Lose The Glasses, which explains a model of myopia reduction.

I helped several families in Jo'burg make their tech work for them.

I consulted in content development for universities.

I co-founded Better, a creative hub and cowork space in Jo'burg.

I edited academic documents professionally.

I taught computer science to some incredible young adults in a traditional school setting.

I qualified as a BLS EMT.

I worked as a software developer in corporate, covering back-end and front-end pretty evenly and getting some iOS development in too.

I studied Computer Science at the University of Cape Town.